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In an increasingly competitive environment, documentary producers need a broad range of skills to grow their business, and produce films that can travel i nternationally.

Encounters, with the support of the SABC, the Gauteng Film Office and Africalia, is hosting a workshop that will assist 10 documentary companies’ grow capacity so that they can operate optimally. Top industry professionals, specialists in their chosen fields, will run the three-day workshop.

The topics include:

  • Introduction to Smart Producing
  • Music Rights: Commissioning and Licensing.
  • Raising Finance for Documentaries: Exploring sources of finance, locally and
    internationally, and how to secure those funds.
  • Archive Access and Rights: How to clear rights of Archive films, photos, anything that can be owned. What is meant by ‘public domain’; what is ‘fair use’? Where to find cheaper archives.
  • Local Marketing & Publicity: How to build a marketing & publicity campaign to gain maximum exposure for your film.
  • How to Sell your film: How to develop a strategy for sales & distribution and to
    maximise revenue potential.
  • Understanding Contracts: The importance of the Chain of Title List of Agreements.
  • Working with the SABC: From Creative to Financial.
  • Running a Small / Medium Enterprise: How to run an efficient business.

If you would like to attend such a workshop in future, please email your CV
and Company Profile to info@encounters.co.za