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    2007 Festival Dates
13 - 22 July 2007

Cape Town
20 July - 5 August 2007
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Cuba: An African Odyssey France / Egypt 2007 120min
Dir: Jihan El-Tahri

Chronicling an untold section of African history, this enthralling documentary plots the influence of Cuba in Africa’s political landscape. During the Cold War from 1961 to 1991, the US and USSR jockeyed over resources, authority and ideology on the African continent. Determined to halt the US influence and assist revolutionaries, Cuba played a pivotal role in the independence struggles, beginning with Che Guevara’s mission into Zaire to avenge the death of Lumumba and then Cuba’s support of Amilcar Cabril’s insurgence in Guinea-Bissau. It explores the escalation of military assistance to 300,000 Cuban troops in Angola, the battle of Cuito Cranavale, the demise of apartheid and South Africa’s occupation of Namibia, and seeks to explain why Fidel Castro was the very first person that Nelson Mandela visited on his release from Robben Island.
Awards: Olivier Masson Prize, Sunny Side of the Docs 2006; Best Director, Vue d’Afrique, Montreal 2007, Jury Mention, Fespaco 2007

Jhb Fri 13 / 8.45pm Sat 21 / 6pm
CT Sat 21 / 7.45pm Fri 27 / 6.30pm Fri 3 / 6.30pm

Senegalese Women and Islam Senegal 2007 40min subtitled
Dir: Angele Diabang Brener

Islam is the dominant religion in Senegal. It always has been, but sociologists have observed an increase in fundamentalism in recent years. For women, this means being pressured to don a veil and practice Sharia, which may or may not conflict with their thoroughly modern lives. Interviewing several articulate and thoughtful young women – from the extremely devout to relaxed party girls and career-minded businesswomen – the filmmaker explores the many concepts, perceptions and attitudes affecting Muslim women in Senegal.


My Beautiful Smile Senegal 2005 5min subtitled
Dir: Angele Diabang Brener

In Senegal women often have a gum tattoo - to increase the contrast between gum and tooth and thus the beauty of their smile. In this succinct film, a hypnotic beat incites the rhythmic tattooing as she, who will soon have a beautiful smile, writhes in silent pain.
Courtesy of the Director.
Senegalese Women and My Beautiful Smile play with Every Good Marriage begins with Tears.

Jhb Sun 15 / 3.30pm Sun 22 / 4.30pm
CT Tue 31 / 6.30pm Thu 2 / 6.30pm Sun 22 / 3.45pm


Tenrikyo, tradition through a black robe Democratic Republic of Congo 2006 60min subtitled
Dir: Rufin Mbou Mikima

In the DRC, common law is still firmly rooted in all strata of society despite not being officially acknowledged. As such, the gods are mollified by offerings of beer and palm wine and the community peace is decisively maintained by a panel of volunteer judges who skilfully administer judgement by merging Western trappings of authority (they are garbed in black robes) with century-old, traditional animist rituals.
This sensitively observed film explores the roots of justice through its modern application. We are introduced to a few of the thousands of emotionally sensitive family disputes – including divorce, abandonment, inheritance grievances, and accusations of witchcraft – that are settled every year. Each case is subjected to the strict sacred rites and take place within the four, dilapidated walls of the court.

Courtesy of the Director

Jhb Sat 14 / 4.15pm Sun 22 / 4pm
CT Thu 26 / 6.30pm Sat 28 / 8.15pm Mon 30 / 8.30pm


VHS Kahloucha Tunisia 2006 80min subtitled
Dir: Néjib Belkadhi

Seeking some laughter and scenes from home, a group of illegal Tunisian immigrants in Italy badger anyone with a TV so that they can view the latest film from cult filmmaker, writer, director, action hero Moncef Kahloucha.
Back home in Kazmet, a poor district of Sousse, Tunisia, the house painter Kahloucha is in the throes of making his next film: Tarzan of the Arabs. Using equal measures of madness and magic, Kahloucha draws heavily on the beneficence of the local populace, negotiates social boundaries and strains family ties in his determination to bring light relief to the residents of his poor neighbourhood.
Hilarious, energetic and touching, whilst portraying an unobserved view of Tunisian life, this unexpected joy aptly displays what you can achieve if you truly believe in what you are doing.

Courtesy of Propaganda Productions

Jhb Sun 15 / 6.30pm Sun 22 / 8.30pm
CT Mon 23 / 6.45pm Sun 29 / 6pm Wed 1 / 8.30pm Fri 3 / 8.15pm